North America’s premier supplier of quality bamboo plywood and flooring products.

Developed more than two decades ago on cornerstones of quality, service and sustainability, Plyboo’s award-winning architectural-grade bamboo products are found in modern commercial and residential interiors from coast to coast and worldwide.

North America’s premier bamboo plywood and flooring brand.

Developed more than two decades ago on cornerstones of environmental health and sustainability, Plyboo’s award-winning architectural-grade bamboo products are found in modern commercial and residential interiors from coast to coast and beyond.

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Instrumental to the opening of our new Bangalore, India-based operations has been the addition of Ajai Ananth, Smith & Fong’s new executive director for India territory business development Read More

This summer Smith & Fong began one of the largest operational initiatives in our 27-year history: we established offshore offices with sales and marketing in Bangalore, India.

The Read More

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Strand bamboo is not cut into strips and laminated like edge grain and flat grain bamboo flooring. Instead, it's shredded, crushed, and mixed with a liquid adhesive. Under heat and high pressure, the mixture is cooked and compressed into lumber that is ultimately milled into flooring.

The result is one of our toughest floors yet, three times harder than red oak and perfect for busy commercial locations.

Bamboo flooring: strand explained

Plyboo manufactures a variety of bamboo flooring, plywood and paneling, but when it comes right down to it, what we offer are versions of flat grain, edge grain and strand bamboo.

We’ll get to strand in another article, but for now let’s differentiate between flat grain and edge grain bamboo. 

Palm flooring from coconut and palm trees

Cut into the opposing side of the coconut palm tree, equal distances apart and wooded over, the wedges almost look natural. But they aren’t natural. They are footholds carved into the tree, allowing harvesters to more easily climb the tree and harvest the coconuts.

“If you’re looking for lumber, you hate to see steps chopped into the tree trunk. It make the wood less valuable, but you have to understand that the primary mission of these trees is to produce coconuts,” Said Angus Stocks, president of Smith & Fong Plyboo, a San Francisco Company that makes flooring and plywood out of over-aged coconut palms.

Best Sellers

Hardwood bamboo flooring

The need to design a bamboo floor that shattered the stereotypes has arrived.  Being strong wasn’t enough; this new floor had to be striking.  On one hot New York City day, Stiletto was born.  This floor takes bamboo flooring to the next level with its color, texture and style.

Zebra patterned bamboo flooring: Neopolitan

Take a walk on the wild side with Neopolitan strand bamboo flooring, our most popular bamboo floor for 5 years running.  People can’t get enough of the zebra striped floor, which explains why it can be found in countless homes, offices, and stores.

Hardwood bamboo flooring: dark strand

Hot on the heels of our popular Neopolitan strand bamboo floor, Havana strand appeals to the more subdued clientele.  The dark strand floor has garnered attention of Dwell, Sunset.

Amber bamboo plywood

Plyboo’s Edge Grain bamboo plywood has been a top seller season after season.

Amber bamboo flooring

Much like Amber Edge Grain Bamboo Plywood, our bamboo flooring draws many fans.

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