UC San Francisco

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UCSF MEDICAL CENTER in San Francisco, California is using the natural plywood panels for the lobby, providing the walls with a clean and natural appearance.  Additionally, natural plywood veneer was also choosen for the doors.  

In this application, the size of the panels and the locations of reveals was carefully considered in the design phase.  Note that  the grain  runs the length of the panel and the core material runs perpendicular.  Keep this in mind in applications   where some of the panels are applied vertical and some horizontal.  Realize that the horizontal panels will need to be cut in half and mitered together to keep the grain running in the same direction.  

Also, during the design phase, consider how the complete wall system will meet the fire rating requirement. Discuss the process of fire rating with the manufacturer prior to specification. As for veneers, many products can be specified for extra tall doors, up to ten feet in height.

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San Francisco, California
Anshen & Allen/Stantec
LEED Credits: 
Possible LEED Credits: IEQc4.4: Low Emitting Materials MRc6: Rapidly Renewable Materials MRc7: Certified Wood CA Section 01350: Passed Other: No added urea formaldehyde

Physical / Mechanical Properties - Edge Grain Bamboo Plywood


3/4” x 48” x 120” - 19mm x 1219mm x 3048mm (*mm tolerance ± .5mm thickness)


Three-ply, cross core construction.

Working with Plyboo:

A work sheet is provided with each panel containing useful tips and information and is also available on our website at www.plyboo.com/downloads

ASTM E84: Surface Burning

Class C

ASTM D1037 Dimensional Stability:

  • Linear Expansion: (3-ply): Parallel -0.09% / Perpendicular -0.07%
  • Thickness Swell (50%RH to 80% RH): (3-ply): 0.3%
  • Screw Hold (face / back / edge) (3-ply): 1,009 lbs. / 681 lbs. / 516 lbs. average

ASTM D4442: Moisture Content:

6-9% average

ASTM D5116-06: Organic Emissions
[CA Section 01350]:

Classroom scenario / Office scenario: Pass / Pass


Physical / Mechanical Properties - Edge Grain Bamboo Veneer


.6mm x 48” x 122” - (fleece back)

.6mm x 1245mm x 3099mm

ASTM E84: Surface Burning

Class A (mounted on fire rated MDF)


  • i. [FSC certified (100% FSC)] [non-FSC certified]
  • ii. EPI adhesive (NAUF) - flitches