Strand Bamboo Explained

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Strand bamboo is not cut into strips and laminated like edge grain and flat grain bamboo flooring. Instead, it's shredded, crushed, and mixed with a liquid adhesive. Under heat and high pressure, the mixture is cooked and compressed into lumber that is ultimately milled into flooring.

The result is one of our toughest floors yet, three times harder than red oak and perfect for busy commercial locations. Yet, it’s also a favorite of homeowners who simply love its appearance. 

To get a hardwood floor this durable, a consumer would have to purchase a floor milled from exotic wood and, of course, pay a much higher price. But cost and durability are not the only reason to buy a strand bamboo floor. The way in which strand is manufactured allows us to create flooring in a variety of colors, textures and styles. So, finding a strand floor that appeals to your personal style is not a difficult thing to do.

Our first strand lines, Sahara and Havana, were developed over a dozen years ago and have been very popular with a broad spectrum of customers. They have the traditional look of wood grain with Sahara having a natural bamboo color and Havana having an amber tone.

Plyboo had some fun designing the elegant Neopolitan floor with it two-toned, zebra striped pattern. This floor was manufactured by mixing Sahara and Havana strands together. It has a rich, modern look.

Recently, we developed Stiletto, a contemporary line of strand bamboo flooring available in multiple colors and textures, including Cerused Taupe and Brushed Barnwood. On opposite sides of the light/dark scale, we have Brushed Pearl and Brushed Eclipse.   

Despite it's durability, our strand flooring doesn't tread on the environment. It's made of sustainable bamboo that is grown with no fertilizer, irrigation or pesticides. And there’s no need to worry about air quality within the home. Our floors pass California Section 01350 VOC testing for indoor air quality.  

Our strand floors elude easy categorization.  Beautiful enough for the most elegant living room, but tough enough for the busiest downtown store. And by making our floor with sustainably grown bamboo, Plyboo is helping to keep the planet green. 

Below:  Two of our poplular Stand Bamboo Choices:  Neopolitan and Havana