Hilton Resort - Los Cabos, Mexico


We have worked on various hospitality projects with HBA for more than 15 years. Their design work and attention to detail has made working with HBA one of our most enjoyable relationships. When they wanted to discuss the Hilton Los Cabos project we were intreged. The project and the designs where multi-layered and for our part they were looking at our Linear and Reveal collections as well as some custom work. The project designers settled on the Linear #LL1, #LL3, #LL7 and Reveal #C11 The custom design work was used in the Club Lounge and is featured to the left and right wall surfaces of this space.   

Los Cabos, Mexico
Linear Line Collection - LL1, LL3 and LL7, Reveal Collection - C11

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Low emitting materials and certified wood.