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LEED Credits

Possible LEED Credits: IEQc4.3: Low Emitting Materials MRc6: Rapidly Renewable Materials MRc7: Certified Wood CA Section 01350: Passed Other: No added urea formaldehyde

UC San Diego
Flat Grain Flooring


5/8” x 3 3/4” x 72” – 15mm x 96mm x 1830mm


Tongue and Groove, glue down or nail down

ASTM E648:Critical Radiant Flux:

Class 1

ASTM D1037: Dimensional Stability

Linear Expansion: Parallel -0.02%, Perpendicular -0.07%, Thickness Swell
-0.34%, Hardness (Janka Ball Test): 1300 lbf average

ASTM D2394 Coefficient of Friction

Static Coefficient/Dynamic (Sliding) Coefficient: 0.425/0.676

ASTM 4442: Moisture Content

6-9% average

ASTM D5116: Organic Emission
(CA Section 01350)

Classroom scenario/Office scenario: mnb v

Flat Grain Bamboo Plywood


3/4” x 48” x 96”
19mm x 1219mm x 2438mm (*mm tolerance +/- .5mm thickness)


Three-ply, cross core construction.

Working with Plyboo:

A worksheet is provided with each panel containing useful tips and
information and is also available on our website at

ASTM E84: Surface Burning

Class C

ASTM D1037: Dimensional Stability

•Linear Expansion (3-ply): Parallel -0.04% / Perpendicular -0.07%
•Thickness Swell (3-ply): -0.13%
Screw Hold (3-ply) (face/back/edge)
• 742 lbs/ 831 lbs/ 860 lbs average

ASTM D4442: Moisture Content

6-9% average

ASTM D 6007-02: Formaldehyde Concentration in Air from Wood Products,
small chamber test

Plyboo = 0.004 ppm (surpasses CARB II standards, 0.05ppm &
ULEF standards of 0.04ppm)