Thomas MacDonald travels to San Francisco, CA for a quick tour of Smith & Fong, makers of Plyboo, a sustainably manufactured bamboo plywood.

PlybooQuiet is an underlayment system specifically designed to reduce noise in a multi-level residence. PlybooQuiet transforms any living space into a sanctuary of tranquility. Testing at a 60 IIC rating with a drop ceiling, PlybooQuiet will significantly reduce noise between floors solving noise abatement issues in multi-unit environments.

PlybooFit is made from 95% recycled rubber and can be paired with any Smith & Fong Plyboo or Durapalm floor. 

More about PlybooQuiet

More about PlybooFit

Plyboo® bamboo flooring, plywood, and veneers are now available SoyBond™. Soybond, a proprietary manufacturing system, is the designation for Plyboo products made with soy adhesives.

As of summer 2011, the full line of PlybooPure (no urea-formaldehyde) bamboo flooring and bamboo plywood, as well PlybooSport bamboo sport flooring are manufactured as SoyBond.

The Soybond process takes a lot of complications out of manufacturing and in the end uses a formaldehyde free adhesive that’s more natural. The end result is naturally formaldehyde free bamboo flooring and plywood, not to mention, yet another innovation for the Plyboo brand.

Plyboo bamboo plyboard and bamboo floors that are Soybond manufactured will have the SoyBond logo shown above.

To learn more, please watch our video about SoyBond.