Plyboo Loves Yoga

And yoga loves Plyboo, too.   And why not.  A good yoga pose can be tough.  But on the surface it looks beutiful and serence.  So, it is with our tough, yet beautiful floors. 

Okay maybe that was a metaphorical stretch.  But it's true that our floors are perfect for the yoga studio.  

Also, our floors are made of sustainable materials and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. Our bonding material is composed of soy, so there’s no reason for worry about indoor air quality. A big factor when you’re breathing deeply during a ninety-minute yoga session. 

Select from a wide variety of colors and designs to give your space the personality you desire. It's hard to go wrong.  Plyboo bamboo floors just look so right in a Yoga studio.

But what you don’t see matters, too. We strongly suggest adding a layer of PlybooFit beneath your Plyboo flooring. PlybooFit is a quarter-inch underlayment system made of 95% recycled rubber, which does wonders for cushioning your arms and legs from  tree pose to downward facing dog.

Your yoga patrons will love you for it.  Pose after pose, PlybooFit flexes and absorbs the pressure from above, adding up to big benifit over the course of a workout. 

And if your studio serves as an aerobic room during non-yoga hours, PlybooFit does wonders for absorbing the impact of running or hopping in place.

The longer you spend on your Plyboo floor, the happier you will be that you installed PlybooFit.