March Madness with PlybooSport Basketball Courts

plyboosport  basketball court

Here at Plyboo headquarters sometimes our work is play, especially when we test our PlybooSport basketball floors.  Pete, who works in the warehouse and played a little junior high b-ball, likes to dribble on the Plyboo court.

But alas, we only have a tiny sample court in the warehouse, so the fun doesn't last. 

But, Dino, our local sales rep, has shot a few hoops on the Plyboo bamboo court at the local YMCA and had a great time.  Dino has read all the material about the PlybooSport –shock absorption, ball bounce, vertical deflection, surface friction - but ultimately it just came down to this: the floor felt great underfoot.

Bamboo boards are stronger than beech or maple, the traditional basketball court woods.  They are also longer than hardwood and have a more consistent color from board to board.  When you see a new floor you’ll be amazed. There are few things that are more beautiful than a freshly installed basketball court.  Our bamboo courts are stunning to look at.

We have a number of underlayment systems to choose from depending on your requirements and budget. But know this: our bamboo boards will provide identical bounce whether you dribble the ball at half court, the free throw line or under the basket.   We’ve tested every aspect and every inch of our bamboo floors.

Choose your color, either natural or amber.  The installer will stencil and paint the lines.  Want to put a picture of the team mascot at half court?  Typically, the installer hires someone to print a large high-quality decal.  The image is placed at half court and painted over with a sealant.  You don’t want to run over unsealed decals; they can be very slippery!

We’ve installed these courts throughout the world and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We can’t tell you whether team field goal percentages have increased, but we can tell you that players say that they can play longer, have less leg fatigue, and enjoy their time on the court more.

Installing a PlybooSport floor at your school or university is a great way to teach a lesson on green building techniques.  PlybooSport is made with 100% rapidly renewable bamboo and is Forest Stewardship Council certified.  Our product is formaldehyde-free for healthy air quality, which is important to know while your running down court on a fast break.

While we can’t guarantee a win on every home game, we do guarantee our floor for 25 years.  We hope you check out our PlybooSport floors.  The ball is in your court.