Get Those Lathes Turning - Plyboo Selling Pen Blanks

Bamboo Pen Blanks

Lathers, turners, woodworkers, listen up: There’s a new lumber in town. You’ve made pens from cherry wood, oak, and old whiskey barrels. Maybe you’ve made a pen from rare zebrawood.  Why not tack to the opposite direction and make an environmentally friendly pen from the most renewable lumber in the world?  That would be bamboo, of course.

For the uninitiated, pen blanks are a small rectangular block of woods – in this case ¾ x ¾ x 5 inches – that are hollowed out with a drill bit.  Next the blanks are spun on a lathe at hundreds of revolutions per minute.  A chisel is held against the turning wood, carving it into a smooth, tapering cylindrical shape.

Plyboo is selling bamboo pen blanks online in packages of five or seventy-five.  They come in natural color or amber. Bamboo makes a particularly beautiful pen as the turning process reveals the various layers.

And the smooth, tropical look of a bamboo pen won’t be lost when you sign the receipt for drinks and Poo Poo platters at the Tonga Room in the Fairmont Hotel.

If you don’t have a lathe, we recommend  There are a wide variety of prices, depending on the size of lathe that you buy. 

Once you have a lathe you can literally turn out he ball point pens.  You could even make a fountain pen, but as a lefty I dislike fountain pens. (I hate dragging the side of my hand across a page of wet ink.)   But you decide on what kinds of pen to make.  We’ve even seen quill pens made in this manner.

Then keep your pen as a memento of a bamboo forest that you plan on visiting soon.  Or sell them at street fairs or through eBay.  But the joy of pen blanks is not in the selling as much as the making. 

Get those lathes spinning.  Check out PlybooDirect for bamboo pen blanks and other products.