Bamboo Tambour – With Your Mai Tai or Champagne?

Plyboo Tambour Rohan Lounge

Seeking a wall covering that is unmistakably bamboo? Well, then tambour is your ticket.  Plyboo Tambour maintains the rounded shape of the bamboo stalk, imbuing interior walls with an attractive Far East aesthetic.

Whether you consider this look modern or retro, elegant or causal, tambour is a décor that for decades has been synonymous with good times.

In cities across the country, there’s usually at least one restaurant or bar that is adorn with bamboo tambour. Perhaps you’re thinking of the quintessential Polynesian bar that serves brightly colored Mai Tais with a maraschino cherry and orange slice speared by an umbrella toothpick.

Yet the same material, perhaps in a different color, can be very elegant. Imagine sipping a glass of Champagne in a lantern-lit French-Vietnamese restaurant, the walls richly clad in ebony bamboo tambour.

Dress it up or dress it down.  Tambour is flexible, both figuratively and literary.  Tambour has a cloth backing, so unlike plywood or paneling, tambour can wrap around curved walls, pillars or columns.  (For an example of how it works, think of the roll-top on a roll-top desk, aka tambour desk).

The options are intriguing. So when your making your interior design plans, don’t count out tambour.  It might just be your ticket.