Flat/Edge Grain Flooring

Plyboo bamboo flooring in flat or edge grain. What’s the difference?  Essentially, the flat grain shows a wider strip of bamboo, than the edge grain. Rectangular strips of bamboo are laminated together to make the flooring. If the wide sides of the rectangle are laminated together, then the edge of the bamboo (edge grain) will show on the floor surface.  If the thin sides of the rectangle are laminated, then the wide side of the bamboo (flat grain) will show on the floor.  The flat grain will show a larger bamboo knuckle and will have the most bamboo-like appearance. Both make lovely floors. It's just a matter of preference. 

All flat and edge grain floors are sustainably grown and Forest Stewardship Council certified. They are formaldehyde-free, so you need not worry about harsh chemicals.

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