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Smith & Fong’s Durapalm Deco Palm paneling product finds its way into many surprising locations, including the Japanese Consulate in San francisco, the Newsome Law Offices in Orlando and, most recently, Kansas City, Missouri’s City Hall Building. The Deco Palm product is made from 100% plantation reclaimed coconut palm and is both sustainable and strikingly beautiful. There’s some justice for you.

I remember when we first starting manufacturing and importing bamboo flooring in 1993, telling a friend that “one day you will see a house for sale and it will describe an interior with bamboo flooring.” I was convinced that this would happen then, and it has happened, but in ways both different and larger than I had imagined.

Angus Stocks, president of Smith & Fong, visited the Surfaces flooring show in Las Vegas last month to see new innovations and confirm that bamboo flooring still has a strong foothold in the market. While at the show Angus stopped by the Misura men’s clothing store in the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino to review a Plyboo installation of Neopolitan flooring. After years of high-traffic use it looked—and was holding up—great. The high-contrasting colors and fine consistent striations that make up the distinctive Plyboo Neopolitan look are unique to Smith & Fong.

The Bamboo Ukulele Project

David St. Martin was hired at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year as the “Tinkerer In Residence” at Mark Day School, in Marin County. As part of the early stages of developing a truly hands-on learning environment for the school’s students, he was tasked with building energy for the program among students and teachers, developing lessons, building a tool collection and teaching.

Dan Abramson created Yoga Joes in the spirit of getting more people to try yoga. As he puts it, “They’re peaceful action figures designed to inspire children, men, and military veterans to try yoga. More unexpected folks are reaping the benefits of yoga today, from professional athletes, to children, to military men and women returning from wartime.”