Plyboo Blog

Instrumental to the opening of our new Bangalore, India-based operations has been the addition of Ajai Ananth, Smith & Fong’s new executive director for India territory business development.

This summer Smith & Fong began one of the largest operational initiatives in our 27-year history: we established offshore offices with sales and marketing in Bangalore, India.

The appeal of doing business in India should come as no surprise to anyone in the architecture/design industry; the country has a rich history in design, both traditional and modern. What we hope to bring is heightened awareness of sustainable and environmentally healthy materials, especially those that promote improved indoor air quality—a Smith & Fong cornerstone attribute since day one.

We have long sold our Plyboo bamboo plywood and flooring in the Canadian market, but this year we decided to make a bigger commitment to both our reps and customers in Canada by taking an active role in this marketplace.

And an active role means an expansion that includes direct importation and warehousing of our extensive range of products, as well as new distribution and marketing representation. The base of Smith & Fong’s Canadian operations will be Toronto. This move supports our growth strategy and distribution network there and was a natural next step for us.

Adrian College Peelle-Jones Halls

Smith & Fong is excited to announce the completion of a striking installation in 150+ year-old Adrian College, a liberal arts university in Southeast Michigan.

The renovations of Adrian College’s Peelle/Jones complex began in April 2013. The 16,000 square foot addition, which is now complete, includes three chemistry and three biology labs, as well as renovations to the lobby, The renovations open up exciting new opportunities for our students to research in state-of-the-art classrooms and labs.

In light of the recent controversy surrounding formaldehyde emissions in laminated flooring products from China, we decided to conduct an internal sales audit to find out how our customers have responded over time to a premium price on formaldehyde-free and FSC-certified products we make.

The results of our audit indicate our customers have been resilient to cost increases for premium soy-based, formaldehyde-free and FSC®-certified finishes. And we were encouraged by the resilience and commitment of this market to the higher environmental standard.