Bamboo driftwood.

I remember when we first starting manufacturing and importing bamboo flooring in 1993, telling a friend that “one day you will see a house for sale and it will describe an interior with bamboo flooring.” I was convinced that this would happen then, and it has happened, but in ways both different and larger than I had imagined.

As the green movement in manufacturing began to influence and change the market, Smith & Fong obtained FSC certification for our bamboo resources and developed a soy-based, formaldehyde-free production program. Most of the rest of the market moved to big box store suppliers and mass production.

The other day I was out walking the beach with my daughter and looking down noticed a small wedge of bamboo flooring mixed in with the other driftwood and mix of organic and inorganic Debris.

Bamboo flooring has come a long way in 20 years and Smith+Fong  as a company has had many roads to choose from.  I’m glad that we stayed on the road we chose.