Working out on bamboo floors a more satisfying experience

Imagine how much more enticing your early morning yoga session would be when done on this floor, with this view.

A healthy mind is often the product of a healthy body. And by incorporating the comforting atmosphere afforded by bamboo flooring and paneling into your workout space you can bring those two things even closer together.

Groups get fit on top of bamboo floors
Group fitness classes are among the many popular health options available to those looking to improve their physical and mental well-being. Classes ranging from yoga to resistance training programs have become some of the most popular ways for people of all ages to spend their free time getting into better shape.

It used to be that when you went to a gym to work out, the rooms were intentionally designed to be as militaristic as possible, or simply didn't make any attempt at having a design at all. Now, though, as people become more aware of the psychological benefits of a well-designed space, workout studios and gyms across the country have increasingly begun using more modern, attractive elements to create a welcoming environment that is more encouraging to people who might need a little extra motivation to put in their workout time.

One of the ways that effect is being achieved is by using bamboo to make fitness flooring. The material's rich colors and natural look can lend studios a more comforting, zen-like ambience, and just as importantly, bamboo often holds up better against heavy use than do traditional hardwood floors.

Pop Physique, in San Francisco, is just one of the many fitness palaces that has found bamboo flooring to be a superior option in terms of its practical ability to withstand multiple classes a day - each made up of dozens of people - as well as its eco-friendly qualities, including bamboo's improved sustainability over hardwood.

Blended with floor-to-ceiling windows and a view of a neighborhood garden, Pop Physique's bamboo floors allow the studio's many customers to get fit in the midst of an environment that soothes and relaxes their minds.

Fitness at home
Those who prefer to do their working out at home will find that bamboo can help them turn a small office or unused bedroom into a comfortable getaway where they can engage in yoga, weight lifting or pretty much any other activity.

By installing bamboo panels or floors in a room you intend to use as a home workout studio, you can create the kind of meditative environment that will not only make your daily fitness routine more palatable, you will probably come to view it as one of the brightest moments of your day.