Ways to go green in your space with the help of bamboo

Ways to go green in your space with the help of bamboo

There are a lot of ways to live eco-friendly, whether it's preserving water, shutting off the lights or recycling. But the materials you're using in your interior design could also be making an impact on the environment.

Bamboo is an often overlooked material when it comes to designing everything from libraries and coffee shops to restaurants and homes. It's one of the world's fastest-growing plants, taking just three to six years to grow large enough to harvest - mere minutes compared to hardwoods, which can take 120 years to grow to their full size. This durable and versatile material also doesn't require the use of pesticides, which means less chemical pollution and cleaner air. It's a much more sustainable product than hardwood and can be used in a wide variety of areas, whether it's a home or place of business:

Bathroom backsplash
Use bamboo as a backsplash in your bathroom. It's not only terrific for the environment, it adds both texture and beauty to your bathroom, providing a spa-like atmosphere. This material also complements glass and stainless steel materials particularly well.

Kitchen island
Every chef needs a place to clean, cook and prepare food, which is why a kitchen island is crucial. Consider using bamboo for the countertop for a great natural look and feel that will add more space to your kitchen. Most bamboo is not treated with chemicals, which makes it a safe surface upon which to prepare food. Some oils can be used to prolong the life of the bamboo, like mineral or tung oil. Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial, which makes it a great choice for use in the kitchen.

Bamboo offers a multitude of benefits, whether you're looking for flooring for your kitchen, bathroom or coffee house. They're easy to clean and maintain, don't promote dust or harbor dust mites (making them friendly to allergy sufferers), and they're a less pricey alternative to hardwood. They're also, of course, extremely environmentally friendly and made with safe materials for a healthy home or business.

Whether you're searching for new paneling in your home or your place of business, bamboo is a top contender. Not only is it visually appealing, but San Francisco-based designer and manufacturer of eco-friendly bamboo products Smith & Fong has come out with a new collection that is perfect for reducing noise. The PlybooSound bamboo A7 panel has a natural elegance to it along with beautiful mixed shades of brown and is equipped with sound-proofing technology to greatly reduce any ambient noise.