Upgrading your home with bamboo flooring.

Between the growing popularity of home improvement shows and increasing public awareness of the need to make living spaces more environmentally friendly, sustainable products like bamboo flooring and paneling are becoming a keystone of smart interior design.

Bamboo products and the environmentally friendly home
As demand for cleaner, greener products and technologies continues to expand and standards and certifications like Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design from the U.S. Green Building Council become more prevalent, the future of the American home is in the midst of a major shift toward a more intelligent, efficient future. A major part of that shift is occurring with the wider adoption of bamboo products for the home.

As an environmentally friendly product, bamboo offers a number of advantages. The farming and processing of bamboo has a minimal environmental impact compared to traditional hardwood forestry, offering more effective carbon sequestration, erosion prevention and natural annual regeneration.

For those looking to make their home as efficient and sustainable as possible, there are a number of products available that can easily be tailored to your living environment. And bamboo wood floors capture the look and feel of traditional hardwood floors without contributing to deforestation.

Bamboo products and home design
Bamboo can provide a number of benefits for your home beyond its environmental advantages. Whether it's used in apartment buildings to reduce noise between units or in high-traffic areas throughout the home such as play rooms for the kids, bamboo's durability and pliability reduce noise and hold up to heavy use at an exceptional rate.

And aside from the utilitarian benefits, when used in the home, bamboo wood floors are also aesthetically pleasing. Sporting a natural wood finish, they fit in seamlessly with most home design environments and can be used to enhance the look and feel of any room in the house.

Finding the right bamboo home products
As people become more aware of the advantages bamboo confers on the home, more products are entering the marketplace. Plyboo, available in both plywood and flooring, manufactured by San Francisco-based Smith & Fong Company, is a well-established brand, having first been introduced more than 20 years ago.

Being so far out in front of the sustainable home products movement, Plyboo has been able to establish itself as a leader long before the industry had even begun to fully develop. That long track record and a reputation for quality have helped make Plyboo the standard for bamboo plywood products.