Tips for decorating your recording studio

Tips for decorating your recording studio

One of the most central aspects of a recording studio is the sound. You have to be able to hear perfectly, and you want to be able to stop unwanted sound from entering or exiting the room. You don't need a special room to record vocals, but the acoustic properties and construction are essential to flawless sound.

It's also important to understand that a studio that is both comfortable and visually appealing can help to encourage better recordings, while making clients feel more at ease and eager to record. Here are few inspirational design ideas to help you spruce up your recording studio:

Use bamboo panels
Acoustic bamboo panels are perfect for a recording studio not only for their subtle and modern appearance, but for their sound absorbing qualities as well. The San Francisco-based company Smith & Fong offers a PlybooSound line of acoustic bamboo panels that are equipped with QuietWall technology. This helps reduce ambient noise, making it great for large, open work spaces, especially recording studios.

Install acoustic foam
By putting acoustic foam or diffusers around the room, you can instantly improve the acoustics. This material is very helpful to to anybody looking to reduce echo or prevent any excess noise from coming into a room and messing with the recording. It comes in a variety of sizes and can be nailed or attached to everything from walls to doors to ceilings.

Find the perfect lighting
Most people don't like working in rooms that spread harsh light throughout the space. Instead, a subtle, warm light is best. Consider installing a dimmer, which can be useful for finding the perfect lighting for your studio. Accent lighting is also great for featuring certain areas of the room, like panels or decor.

Display work
If you have a bunch of albums sitting around, consider hanging them on your walls for everyone to see. It not only adds to the beauty of your studio, but it also adds credibility to your enterprise. You can also store your guitars on the wall to add visual appeal while saving precious storage space. Put them up with guitar hangers, which can be found at any local music store.

Rugs and tapestries
Fill your space with a few rugs or tapestries tacked to the walls in areas near microphones. They can add a splash of color and pattern and keep sounds from bouncing around the room.