Sustainable decorating with greenery

Sustainable decorating with greenery

Eco-friendly interior office building design is becoming more and more important for conserving water, energy and materials. According to the Western North Carolina Green Building Council, in the United States, buildings account for 68 percent of total electricity consumption, 30 percent of landfill waste and 39 percent of total energy use.

Going green is simple
Some building owners may shy away from adhering to sustainable practices because they're under the impression that those changes are costly or take too much time to implement. However, going green in office buildings can actually save money in the long run. By implementing just a few simple changes, you can improve indoor air quality, reduce operating costs and enhance employee health. Swap out your current floors with bamboo flooring and create stylish walls with eco-friendly bamboo paneling made of recycled paper. Fill the space with greenery.

Plants are a simple and stylish way to boost the appearance of an office while helping out the environment at the same time. Certain plants and flowers can actually help produce cleaner indoor air by removing chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene. Here are a few ways to decorate your office space while promoting sustainability:

Make a statement
In the reception area of your office, set the tone for your modern or industrial space with a dracaena plant - it's known for its dramatic foliage and can tolerate an environment with low light and humidity.

Group together succulents
Fill open shelving with mini cacti and succulents for an intriguing and visually pleasing office display. Choose from a number of varieties like jade, aloe, rattail cactus and echeveria. Be sure to place them next to a window - they require direct sunlight, but don't need to be watered very often. Look for pots in a variety of colors and textures to produce a striking statement.

Fill an empty corner
Give life to a vacant corner of the office by filling it with a small fiddle-leaf fig tree. This plant variety is perfect for a dark corner because it should be kept away from bright light. Keep it looking green and healthy by watering it regularly.

Try a beachy style
Freshen up your office by adding a dose of tropical style with Boston ferns. Place the plant near a windowsill to give it plenty of sun so that it continues to bring splashes of vibrant green into your office space.