Redesigning a vintage home

Bamboo floors and panels can be an key design elements as you mesh the old and the new when redesigning your vintage home.

Designers and DIYers often appreciate nothing more than taking a vintage home and using their skills and experience to turn it into a mesh of classic and modern styles. Their goal is to find a way to take the things about the home that made them fall in love with it in the first place, then add features and elements that retain its old-school feel while incorporating modern technology and style.

Working within the original framework
If you've decided to buy a vintage home it's probably because you have an appreciation for the nostalgic essence it provides. So, as you go about redesigning it, you don't want to lose that traditional appeal. In order to preserve what made the property so attractive in the first place, you'll almost always want to work with what's already there, instead of gutting it and starting from scratch.

One of the aspects of a vintage home that often needs the most work is flooring. Even if the home has been redesigned in the years since it was built, floors are one area that people often leave untouched. Preferring to stick with the original design, especially when the floors offer a beautiful complement to the overall environment of the home, they will settle for material that has withered or cracked in the intervening years. Aging hardwood floors are probably the most frequent example, since they are usually vital to the what makes the home so special, but also don't necessarily stand up to the test of time.

Fortunately, there are ways to replace those old floors with something that can retain their original aesthetic value while also providing an environmental and visual upgrade. Bamboo products, including formaldehyde free flooring from the Smith & Fong company, are visually stunning and environmentally sustainable, making them an excellent option as you consider how to go about redoing your vintage home.

Reimagining your indoor spaces
Most vintage homes offer far more opportunities for redesign than just the floors. There may be foundational issues, surfaces that have to be re-stained or replaced altogether, and a raft of painting jobs throughout the house. Fortunately, these problems also present chances for you to use your keen eye for design to fashion them into your ideal living areas while also using more environmentally friendly products and materials.

Bamboo plywood for your foundations and bamboo panels to replace aging surfaces are two of the many choices available to you in your pursuit of turning your vintage home into a modern, efficient and gorgeous work of art.