4 tips for finishing your basement

If you've just moved into a new home and have found that the basement isn't finished, this isn't a setback, it's a perfect opportunity to shape it into a room that fits your design vision.

Designing a modern entryway for your home

The foyer of your home is often the first thing that guests and visitors see upon entering.

5 ways to bring comfort to your retail store

Comfort is very important in a retail space, not only for the customers that come in and shop around, but for the employees as well.

Eliminating toxins in your business office

When you head into the office, is the air you're breathing clean?

How to incorporate sustainable elements into your small business office

Much of your time during the week is likely spent at the office.

More apartment complexes choose to go green

More and more people are holding off on homeownership and committing to a mortgage in in favor of renting an apartment.

New bamboo panels from Smith & Fong are helping to reduce noise pollution in modern offices.

Along with greater public awareness of intelligent design in homes, offices and commercial buildings, has come an increased reliance on bamboo as a building material.

A new house made of bamboo could help protect those who live in flood-prone regions.

Bamboo floors and panels have almost become commonplace in modern home design and renovation, but what about entire structures made of the stuff?

Blur the lines between indoor and outdoor with bamboo floors, panels and even ceilings.

For many people, making a house a home involves incorporating natural materials and into their building and design strategies.

Strand bamboo flooring can be a gorgeous addition to an contemporary home design.

With its eco-friendly sustainable qualities and naturally beautiful look and texture, bamboo is rapidly becoming the trendy material to use in home and commercial developments across the United States.


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