Tips for decorating a white bathroom

White is a great color for bathroom designs.

Bamboo is a popular choice for designers

Custom kitchen designs are featuring more eco-friendly options than ever, including cupboards and vanity cabinets made with sustainable and durable bamboo.

Tips for designing a gender-neutral nursery

If you have chosen to let the gender of your baby be a surprise, you may need some advice on how to decorate a space that would welcome either a girl or a boy. 

Let your closet be inspired by celebrity designs

Celebrities can be the inspiration for the way we dress, what we drive and where we eat, so why not turn to celebrity styles for ideas for your walk-in closet design?

Use some quick and easy tips to update your cabinetry

Decorating your custom cabinets is a quick and easy way to change the look of your whole kitchen.

How to choose the right cutting board for you

Customizing your kitchen accessories is an important step in making your kitchen an efficient and fun place to cook. 

Light vs dark design in your kitchen

Whether you are going for a complete kitchen remodel or just looking to update your style, there are some trends to consider.

Use some tips and tricks to warm up your bathroom

Many contemporary touches may make your bathroom seem cold.

Bring bronze accents into any room in your home

Bronze is an ancient metal that been around for thousands of years.

Tips to make your kitchen more kid-friendly

It is important to create a safe space for your little one to explore in your home, and your kitchen is no exception.


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