4 different spaces to put your bamboo lumber to use

You may want to think about swapping traditional architectural-grade wood for bamboo lumber.

5 top kitchen trends to consider for your home

Kitchen trends are constantly changing, and the year 2014 is all about innovative surfaces and materials that are stylish and work with your lifestyle.

Chic and modern upgrades to make to your home for spring

Spring is the time for renewal and freshness, so what better time to revamp your home?

Sustainable decorating with greenery

Eco-friendly interior office building design is becoming more and more important for conserving, water, energy and materials.

Achieving a coastal vibe in your home

Incorporating a coastal, beachy feel in the home is a top choice among many homeowners because of the relaxing, serene vibe that it produces.

5 small design details that make a big impact

Whether you're designing an office space, a hotel lobby or a home, there's one thing you should always keep in mind: small details make a big impact.

Creating a cozy and functional walk-in closet

Your walk-in closet may not be the largest room in your home, but it's a space that you visit daily, so it should be as stylish as it is functional.

3 minimalist pieces you need in your office

Not sure how to design your office?

Creating a live-in kitchen

One trend that's sweeping through homes are live-in kitchens.

3 interior design trends for your hotel

Part of attracting new customers and encouraging existing patrons to return for another visit is the interior design of your space.


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