Get your creative juices flowing with interior design

Get your creative juices flowing with interior design

Believe it or not, your surroundings can have an impact on your state of mind. Some designs can actually encourage productivity, concentration and even creativity. Think about the spaces in your office or home, like a garage, an art studio or a kitchen. Are these areas inspiring to work in? If not, you can alter your interior design to encourage flexible thinking.

High ceilings
High ceilings can actually encourage critical thinking and creative thought, but if your office or home art studio has low ceilings, there are a few things you can do to give the appearance of high ceilings.

Opt for low furniture: Choose furniture that is low to the ground to alter the perceived height of your ceilings.

Use vertical stripes: Bring some life to your walls by painting vertical stripes - the pattern gives the illusion of height, making a room look taller.

Fill wall space: Use vertical displays like open shelving to draw the eye up.

Bring in nature
Nature has the ability to instantly create a tranquil, inviting and relaxing environment. Such a laid-back ambiance can spur creative thinking. Look to materials and colors found in nature to decorate your space. For instance, bamboo flooring and paneling are two great options for implementing this fast-growing and versatile material into your home. Bamboo is also eco-friendly and is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are often found in traditional building materials.

Nature's color palette of rustic oranges and subdued blues can be great for a working environment. For instance, orange stimulates mental activity by revitalizing a room, while pale blues can increase productivity and creative thinking.

Positive environment
Part of sparking creativity means being able to relax and have fun. Your surroundings should evoke positivity, whether through a picture of family and friends or a comfortable chair you love to unwind in. Having a serene retreat in your work space is essential for getting your creative juices flowing. Even allowing a pet in an office, art studio or garage can ease tension and instantly brighten up a dull environment.

Part of creating a relaxing and productive ambiance means creating zones. This way, you have a designated area in the room where you can really hunker down and concentrate on work, and another area where you can unwind and let your mind wander.

Fill it with inspiring images
Constantly remind yourself exactly what you're working toward by putting up images of goals you're trying to accomplish. In an art studio, use your own drawings or paintings for inspiration!