Encourage office collaboration with an open-concept design

Encourage office collaboration with an open-concept design

It's a constant struggle trying to figure out how to increase collaboration within offices, but there's one thing that may be able to encourage daily productivity: an open-concept office design.

An overwhelming majority of U.S. employees now work in open-plan offices. More and more businesses are opting for this type of design and moving away from the traditional high-walled cubicles and corner offices.

"There's less hierarchy in the modern workplace, and this trend toward open office design reflects that," Ken Wilson, principal at the Perkins + Will architecture  firm in Washington, D.C., told USA Today.

According to a research study by the University of Southern California, a collaborative environment actually increased productivity.

The concept largely reflects trendy spaces like lounges, cafeterias, outdoor plazas, alcoves and bistro lounges. The result of this particular design? More productivity, flexibility and collaboration among employees. The younger generation of employees is more accustomed to working in a more collaborative way, which is a big part of today's education. It's not about being chained to a desk, it's about bringing positive changes to the workplace.

Open office designs also cut down on building costs by utilizing the same area in a less constricting way, increasing the efficiency of the space and filling the office with more natural light. The adoption of green building standards in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design has also played a key part in the growing popularity of this design by increasing the use of natural light in buildings. In this digital age, an open-concept floorplan allows for more face-to-face interaction, leading to increased employee satisfaction through social connections.

If you're looking to produce an open-space office design in your place of business, consider taking advantage of bamboo panels. San Francisco-based company Smith & Fong has two new lines - PlybooSound and Plyboo Reveal - both of which are specifically designed with open-concept offices in mind.

These panels work to keep the workplace quiet by dampening the sounds that can create a stressful environment. This allows all employees to go about their business without unnecessary noise bouncing off the walls. These panels can help contribute to better productivity and an overall happier workspace.

The A5 panel from the PlybooSound collection offers a trendy design for an aesthetically pleasing space. Pair the panels with modern lighting for an office space that is as beautiful as it is productive.