Creating a modern kitchen with bamboo paneling

Creating a modern kitchen with bamboo paneling

The kitchen isn't just a place to prepare, cook and enjoy food. It's a spot where families and friends come together to have a good time and create new memories. It's an entertaining space that is often the heart of the home. The kitchen is also one of the main places that potential homebuyers look at first when deciding whether or not they would like to purchase a home. Therefore, the design aesthetic in your kitchen should be as welcoming, warm and comfortable as possible. Creating a stylish kitchen and comfortable can increase your home's value, both intrinsically and monetarily.

One of the best materials you can use throughout your kitchen is bamboo. Its environmental benefits are abundant. Not only is it more durable than hardwood, its ability to grow and spread quickly without the need for fertilizers or pesticides make it a very health-friendly option as well. Bamboo releases more oxygen into the air than a similar-sized stand of trees and it matures within seven years, compared to 30 to 50 years for other trees. Bamboo is also effective in preventing soil erosion, uses less water than trees, keeps water in watersheds and helps decrease water pollution due to its high consumption of nitrogen and tendency to absorb pollutants.

San Francisco-based company Smith & Fong has a new line of bamboo panels, PlybooSound, which is great for reducing noise in any space and brings a certain beauty that is both subtle and aesthetically pleasing. The A4 panel would fit seamlessly into any kitchen design. Its speckled brown color and patterned layout bring a warmth into the space that can't be produced with paint or wallpaper. Consider any of these creative ways to integrate bamboo into your kitchen:

Create an attractive wall behind your cooking prep area with a bamboo backsplash. It provides the perfect neutral background to set the tone for the rest of the space. The bamboo is a textured backdrop that can be easily integrated into a modern, contemporary or rustic kitchen. This unique material keeps the overall look of the cooking space neutral and soothing.

Wall art
Not sure what to do with a blank wall in your kitchen? Consider using bamboo panels to fill the space. The bamboo will draw attention to the wall and provide visual interest without overwhelming the design aesthetic. Place them near your kitchen table to create a focal point.