Creating an attractive visual display in your retail store

Creating an attractive visual display in your retail store

The way in which merchandise is put on display can have a big impact on whether or not a customer decides to buy that product. For example, if racks of clothes are disorganized or cluttered, a patron may lose interest, move to a different area of the store or simply leave. Nobody wants to sort through piles of clothes to find what they're after. This concept applies to any product, no matter what you're selling. Check out these tips to help you create effective displays:

Create a organization plan
You could group a bunch of products together on one shelf, but there must be a method behind it. There should always be a method of organization behind your merchandise to make products easy to locate. Clothes could be color coordinated, organized by designer or stocked according to season.

Have a strong display
You're going to need something durable to hold up your products for a long period of time. San Francisco-based company Smith & Fong offers bamboo lumber to create a number of durable shelves for your retail store. Bamboo is lasting and is actually more dependable than traditional hardwood. The natural color and texture of bamboo is beautiful, but understated, so that the focus remains on the merchandise. The merchandise should be what's attracting and interesting the customer. Choose between dark and light shades, depending on the style aesthetic you're going for in your store.

Don't forget about lighting
Lighting is essential for allowing your customers to clearly see the products you've put on display. The ambiance of the room should present the merchandise in the best light possible. Where the light is located is important as well. Avoid putting lights directly above your display, as this can create unwanted shadows on the products. Put the lamps or wall sconces slightly off to the side to properly light up the merchandise. Ideally, there should be multiple sources of light to highlight the products.

Regularly switch up displays
Displays should be changed on a weekly basis to give your store a fresh look - this encourages customers to return. At least one display should be designated to a special or a sale promotion to give customers an incentive to check it out.

Color coordinate
The color in your store may have an affect on the way your merchandise sells. Hues should accent certain areas in the space to get a customer's attention.