Combining styles to create an eclectic environment

Mixing disparate design elements can give your office a look that is both welcoming and memorable.

Blending different styles can be one of the toughest challenges when designing or redesigning a residential or commercial space.

In many cases, a couple might be moving in together for the first time and have contrasting tastes, furniture and decorative elements that need to be combined in one home. The same type of problem can occur when a business is moving into new offices, and tries to integrate some of the items it used in its old space into its new one.

Blending different styles in the home
Whether you're moving in with a significant other, a new roommate or your into own place, you will likely have to find a way to fit some of your favorite furniture and decorations into a space where they may not normally seem to belong. That bamboo table might be a gem, but how will it fit in with the hardwood floors in your new condo?

One way to harmonize contrasting styles and pieces is to actually play up the differences. Instead of trying to find an inventive way to hide the disparity, accentuate it. Take two pieces from different eras, or that use different design ideas, and find a way they can work together. By combining varying elements in a novel manner you can end up creating your own fresh style.

Another technique to utilize is finding a common thread among disparate styles. Often, that will be color, but you may also find that certain pieces of furniture feature hard or soft lines, and can be used in concert with one another.

Working with eclectic elements to design an office space
Offices and other commercial spaces can be a bit more challenging than the home. You're no longer purely trying to satisfy your own sense of style and comfort. Now you have to take into account the variety of possible tastes among your employees and clients.

Since many offices are designed for a company that is moving from one space to another, in many of those cases there will be a desire or a financial necessity to reuse furniture from the previous office. When that process isn't a simple one, consider using your eclectic amenities to create an unusual space.

Without being garish, you can impress clients and make your office stand out by mixing styles and ideas in a way that will leave a distinct impression in the minds of everyone who walks through your doors.