Boost motivation in your home gym with these design tricks

Boost motivation in your home gym with these design tricks

The environment in which you live, work and play has a direct affect on your day-to-day activities. Your surroundings can either help or hinder your productivity and motivation. Everyone knows that those two things often aren't easy to come by, but using interior design as a tool allows you to generate inspiration for your daily tasks. One of the design trends that homeowners and business owners alike are taking advantage of is feng shui. This layout style can be applied to your home gym and bring a flow of positive energy into the space for a more effective workout. Follow these tips for a gym that is both stylish and functional:

Consider color
Color can have a large impact on the ambiance in your gym. Red is a hue that many opt for because it's associated with feelings of passion, aggression and boldness - all of which are perfect for a motivated and effective workout. Red also represents energy, which is exactly what you'll need if you wish to fit in exercise time at the end of a long day. However, use the color sparingly - create an accent wall in front of your treadmill, or incorporate the hue using art, curtains, lampshades or rugs.

Green is another excellent color to consider because it brings the feeling of natural strength and energy into your gym to inspire strength and activity.

Bamboo flooring
Flooring may not be the first thing on your mind when designing a home gym, but it's just as important as the equipment on which you're exercising. San Francisco-based company Smith & Fong can help you improve your efficiency in the gym by boosting comfort with bamboo flooring. The Plyboo Fit Performance Flooring and Underlayment system actually absorbs the pressure away from legs, feet and knees. If your body is more comfortable while working out, it's likely that you're going to finish your workout instead of stopping early because of joint discomfort. This flooring is also eco-friendly and doesn't contain any formaldehyde which is commonly found in building materials.

It's important for your home gym to have natural air flowing through the space. But not all gyms have windows to allow for a fresh breeze to blow throughout the area. If this is the case in your home gym, make sure that you have at least two fans to place at opposite ends of the room for air circulation. Exposure to that fresh air can help increase the flow of oxygen to your brain, resulting in decreased drowsiness, higher alertness and a boost of energy.