Stained vs. Natural Bamboo Plyboo and Bamboo Veneer

People often ask about the variation in color in some of our products. It is usually assumed that our popular selling Amber Edge Grain and Flat Grain bamboo products, as well as the Havana Strand bamboo flooring and bamboo plywood are stained because of their darker coloring.  This isn’t so! The darker hues of both our Amber and Havana products are the products’ natural colors and have no stains or dyes.

The Amber color is achieved when the sugars that are in the bamboo caramelize during the manufacturing process. You will notice a variation of color between and within sheets with is normal and natural to the product. In short, the bamboo is “cooked” and the caramelized sugars inside the bamboo make it look darker in appearance.
The Havana bamboo product lines are also dark because of the manufacturing process.  Similar to the processing for Amber, some bamboo strips are cooked. These carbonized strips are then compressed into a super-strong board (or sheet). The heat and pressure of this process makes the color a deep brown color.
So there you have it. PlybooStrand Havana strand composite bamboo flooring, bamboo plywood, and bamboo veneers are the natural color just as Plyboo Edge Grain and Flat Grain bamboo flooring, bamboo plywood, and bamboo veneers and edge banding are.  Plyboo does offer a few stained products to offer a wider range of looks. Please visit our website to compare our offerings.
Amber is not a stain. Although the Amber is darker than the natural, it’s the natural color of the product.


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