Sustainable Countertops - Made of Bamboo and Paper

It's said that all parties end up in the kitchen, so it’s all the more important to make the kitchen countertop a durable and crowd-pleasing spot, a place where folks can place their drinks, rest their elbows and dig into the big bowl of Chex mix.

And while parties aren’t sustainable – alas, must end at some point – it doesn’t mean that the kitchen countertop can’t be. 

By sustainable, we don’t mean that it will endure all kinds of kitchen mishaps - although it will do that, too. We mean that it is composed of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified materials.

Two materials that fit into the matrix of durable and sustainable materials are moso bamboo and recycled paper.

You might not be surprised that bamboo is durable and sustainable. But what about durable paper?

Well, the technology exists to make such a product. It’s called Stratum and it’s created by a company called Richlite

The core of the countertop is composed of edge grain bamboo, identifiable by its unique, eye catching checkerboard-type pattern on one edge and the smooth grain on the other edge. The veneer of the counter is made of paper pulp that has been transformed into a durable, attractive material that can be carved or cut like wood and used for nearly any commercial or residential surface – in this case a kitchen countertop veneer.

So, when someone pauses while dipping a chip into the guacamole to compliment your lovely countertop, keep the conversation going by mentioning the environmental advantages of the countertop.  Tell them about the sustainable materials. After all, sustainable is beautiful.