PlybooDex: Strong, Durable and Good-Looking

Bamboo Decking

Our eight-foot bamboo decking planks are only ¾ -inch thick, but don’t let the relative thinness fool you. They’re heavy duty. 

I used to think that you couldn’t sense how stiff and sturdy our Plyboo Dex planks were until you actually held one in your hands.  That was, until I saw this picture.

Six-foot, three inches tall and weighing in at 185 pounds is Tom Johnson, our San Francisco warehouse manager. He’s standing upon a five and a half foot section of Plyboo Dex, and as you can see, Tom is smiling and the Plyboo is not bending.

What I’m saying is Plyboo Dex is tough and durable. But, don’t get me wrong; it’s not hard and brittle like concrete either.  You can sink a nail or drill a screw into it.  You can cut with a wood saw, too.  

Just allow a little more time.

To speak only of its strength would be to ignore its good looks and versatility. Think of your personal taste, consider your backyard setting, then choose a color, either bronze or ebony. 

Next choose your texture.  One side of the decking is grooved for traction and appearance.  The other side is flat, for a more traditional look.  You can flip the board over as many times as you like to decide which surface you prefer.  

Hire someone to build your bamboo deck or do it yourself.  This might help.



Spring is on the way. Enjoy!