Strand Bamboo Explained

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Strand bamboo is not cut into strips and laminated like edge grain and flat grain bamboo flooring. Instead, it's shredded, crushed, and mixed with a liquid adhesive. Under heat and high pressure, the mixture is cooked and compressed into lumber that is ultimately milled into flooring.

The result is one of our toughest floors yet, three times harder than red oak and perfect for busy commercial locations.

Flat Grain and Edge Grain Products Explained

Bamboo flooring: strand explained

Plyboo manufactures a variety of bamboo flooring, plywood and paneling, but when it comes right down to it, what we offer are versions of flat grain, edge grain and strand bamboo.

We’ll get to strand in another article, but for now let’s differentiate between flat grain and edge grain bamboo. 

Get Those Lathes Turning - Plyboo Selling Pen Blanks

Bamboo Pen Blanks

For a limited time, Plyboo is selling bamboo pen blanks online in packages of five or seventy-five.  They come in natural color or amber. Bamboo makes a particularly beautiful pen as the turning process reveals the various layers.

And the smooth, tropical look of a bamboo pen won’t be lost when you sign the receipt for drinks and Poo Poo platters at the Tonga Room in the Fairmont Hotel.


Marine Mammal Center Likes the Look of Plyboo

Although the focus of the center is the mammals who live offshore, the Marine Mammal Center also cares about preserving the onshore environment, one of the reasons that they selected Plyboo edge grain amber plywood for the counters and shelves in their gift shop.  Not only are the countertops attractive - which always helps to sell merchandise - but also they are made with Forest Stewardship Council certified bamboo, one of the greenest materials available.

March Madness with PlybooSport Basketball Courts

plyboosport  basketball court

Here at Plyboo headquarters sometimes our work is play, especially when we test our PlybooSport basketball floors.  Pete, who works in the warehouse and played a little junior high b-ball, likes to dribble on the Plyboo court.

Bamboo Tambour – With Your Mai Tai or Champagne?

Plyboo Tambour Rohan Lounge

Seeking a wall covering that is unmistakably bamboo? Well, then tambour is your ticket.  Plyboo Tambour maintains the rounded shape of the bamboo stalk, imbuing interior walls with an attractive Far East aesthetic.

Plyboo Loves Yoga

And yoga loves Plyboo, too.   And why not.  A good yoga pose can be tough.  But on the surface it looks beutiful and serence.  So, it is with our tough, yet beautiful floors. 

Okay maybe that was a metaphorical stretch.  But it's true that our floors are perfect for the yoga studio.  

Sustainable Countertops - Made of Bamboo and Paper

It's said that all parties end up in the kitchen, so it’s all the more important to make the kitchen countertop a durable and crowd-pleasing spot, a place where folks can place their drinks, rest their elbows and dig into the big bowl of Chex mix.

Bamboo Plywood Hits the Ski Slopes

Once relegated as a material for the original ski pole, bamboo is now being used as the core-ply in snow skis– and the response has been a resounding YES!