SoyBond, Plyboo Amber Flat Grain, Prefinished (5/8") Bamboo Flooring- NAUF/FSC


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Amber Edge Grain prefinished bamboo flooring is a sleek, contemporary floor for the environmentally conscious. Rectangular bamboo strips are cut from the stalk, creating two wide sides (flat grain) and two thin sides (edge grain). With the flat grain floors, the thin sides are laminated together, so that the finished surface shows the flat, wide part of the grain. In the flat grain, the knuckle of the bamboo stalk the most visible. It's our floor with the most bamboo-like appearance. Environmentally, Plyboo Edge Grain is hard to beat, made of sustainably grown bamboo and free of formaldehyde or other harsh chemicals.


  • FloorScore,FSC,PlybooPure,SoyBond
5/8" x 3-5/8" x 72"

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