Ebony Strand Bamboo Decking - PlybooDex

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Plyboo® takes strand technology to the next level by going outside with PlybooDex bamboo decking. This textured and grooved deck has a beveled edge that perfectly fits PlybooDex hidden deck fasteners. PlybooDex is PlybooPure®; it uses a non-urea-formaldehyde resin in its manufacture.Let Plyboo be your favorite summer destinationPlyboo now has you covered inside and outside with the formal introduction of PlybooDex strand bamboo decking. The company uses strand technology to manufacture a textred and grooved deck that can withstand the elements. The bamboo deck’s beveled edge works perfectly with PlybooDex hidden deck fasteners for a beautiful install. Like all Plyboo products, PlybooDex is made without added urea formaldehyde, and is available PlybooPure.Deck railing is also available for purchase for a complete look, along with decking blanks (decking pieces without the beveled edge).
3/4" x 5 1/2" x 96"

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