Using paneling to accentuate your home

Bamboo panels can be an integral part of any indoor design scheme.

When people design or redesign their indoor spaces, most of the attention is often paid to floors, furniture and appliances. As for walls and cabinetry, they can often be second thoughts, or simply places to hang paintings and photographs.

Whether you want to make your rooms to pop with appeal or casually blend in with the rest of the decor, spending some time, effort and thought on your wall and cabinetry design can go a long way toward achieving that goal. Of the many ways you can go about that, paneling can be your best solution for achieving your design goals.

Wall paneling
One way to spruce up your walls and other surfaces is by adding paneling. You can attach it to existing surfaces, use it to section off certain areas of your home or office and create small alcoves, or make it part of accenting to your indoor environment.

There are dozens of paneling options available on the market, but one that has been gaining in popularity in recent years is bamboo panels. Offering a wide variety of color and design options, along with superior environmental sustainability, products like Bamboo Tambour Paneling from Smith & Fong can blend in seamlessly with their surroundings or serve as the basis for tropical or oriental design themes. And it's available for LEED credits, to boot.

One of the many benefits of bamboo panels is that they can be easily stained or re-finished to give you the exact hue you're looking for, so you can beautifully realize your desired motif no matter what kind of lighting or color scheme it requires.

Cabinetry paneling
Cabinetry can be one of the most daunting challenges when building or redesigning a home or office. Especially during a redesign, it can be a huge added expense, while often only serving a practical purpose. But if you'd like to make those cabinets more than just protective, hinged coverings for your kitchenware, food and various other implements, consider adding paneling to help bring them out as a visually appealing feature.

By using attractive paneling to accentuate your cabinets or other often bland-looking surfaces, you can turn them into integrated parts of their environment.

Bamboo is an excellent option for cabinetry paneling as well. It will add some pizzazz to your rooms and make every trip to the pantry a little more interesting as you soak in the beauty and refinement of your innovative design choice.