Dealing with space beneath a stairway can be tricky. But the Watermark Credit Union in Seattle handled the issue with aplomb. Architects designed a beautiful seating area for customers to relax while waiting for their loan officer or financial planner. The seating and walls are composed of Plyboo Havana. The warm amber color contrasts nicely with the rich purple of the cushions, creating a quiet refuge or a place to chat, depending on your mood.  
Aesthetics, sustainability and functionality were the key ingredients for the offices in San Francisco. The designer chose Plyboo Neopolitan plywood to make a strong and energizing visual statement. The cabinets are sturdy and durable, constructed for heavy daily use. Meanwhile, the Neopolitan design creates a look that is simultaneously fun and sophisticated.  Also, this plywood is formaldehyde-free and FSC certified, supporting healthy indoor air quality and sustainable forestry.
Besides the obvious challenges in this completely custom curved ceiling installation, is the special light fixtures and air diffusior cut outs. Amber Edge Grain veneer was chosen because of its strength, flexibility and ease of handling.
This conservative law office in Orlando, Florida shows its edgy side with flair of Plyboo Deco paneling. Excellent for wall systems, the Deco Palm paneling adds a touch of the exotic to the workplace.
Occupying three stories of a high rise in downtown Seattle, Washington, Moss Adams CPA is one of the oldest and most respected CPA firms in the North West. For the design of their new offices a clean, contemporary look was needed. For their signature contrasting design element Plyboo Neopolitan bamboo plywood was chosen. With its bright contrasting striations emulating the look of African zebrawood, Neopolitan was used extensively in the reception area as well as stairwells and hallways. Next time you think CPA work is dull, come visit the Moss Adams offices in Seattle. You will change your... Read More
This office is located in the Mission Bay District of San Francisco, an area that was recenly home to warehouses, a cement factory and vacant lots. Now rapidly developing, Mission Bay is now home to a new campus of the University of California San Francisco, biotechnology firms, research centers, office buildings and high-density residential developments. For the wall treatments in the lobby, flat grain amber bamboo plywood was used to provide create a rich and handsome hue. To give the panels more definition, the architects etched grooves into the face of the panels at six-inch intervals.... Read More
The Google offices in San Francisco were designed to LEED® gold certification specifications. Plyboo edge grain amber plywood was the choice in the dining area for its durability and its warm, linear appearance. Applications included tabletops, seating and divider walls between booths.  Google has company-wide mandates specifying FSC and formaldehyde-free products in their building products, which contributed to an IEQc4.4 low-emitting materials credit and an Mrc7 wood credit.
After more than 25 years, Earth Island Institute (EII), a non-profit incubator for startup non-profits has a permanent home and the David Brower Center is born. Brower, a vocal and lifelong advocate for the preservation of the environment and founder of the EII, now has a building befitting of his legacy. Located in the center of Berkeley, California and built to meet LEED Platinum certification, the Brower Center utilizes the Plyboo amber edge grain for the entry area and extensively in the theater where it was used on the walls for both a visual effect as well as part of an acoustic wall... Read More
The owners of Cooper Station Properties deliberately linked their passion for nature with their appreciation of contemporary design. The design embodies an airy scheme that orients the space round the heart of the office boardroom making sure each employee has a “room with a view”. The interior color scheme celebrates nature through forest-inspired colors. An emphasis on natural materials such as Coconut Palm Flat Grain flooring completes the look with a flair of the exotic. The result is attractive and practical.
Looking for a zen-like elegance for Cervantes / Geronimo offices in Denver, Colorado, Plyboo amber edge grain and Durapalm flat grain coconut palm plywoods were chosen. To keep with the contemporary feel, the panels were installed horizontally adding a clean, linearity to the space. Without breaking a line, the end grain amber moves from wall to door and back again. To contrast with the bamboo, palm was used to face the reception desk and for a little drama, the open stair case treads were also were fabricated from coconut palm.
Just completed, the Canmet Materials Technologies Laboratory in Hamilton, Ontario is a state-of-the-art metallurgical facility for Natural Resources Canada. In this design the architects and the Laboratory have targeted LEED Platinum as well as the 2030 Challenge, putting this project in the vanguard of energy-efficient research facilities worldwide. Plyboo amber edge grain was used to create an acoustical wall cladding system with great visual appeal. FSC and soy-based, formaldehyde-free were specified to contribute to the IEQc4.4 and MRc7 LEED credits.
Bickerstaff, Heath, Delgado & Alcosta, LLC a law firm in Austin, Texas specializing in government entities, chose durapalm flat grain plywood and palm woven paneling to create a rich, warm look for their offices and lobby area. The palm woven and flat grain palm plywood stay tonally the same in this installation as the woven aspect of the paneling gives contrast in texture creating added interest to this beautifully designed space.


Recently completed, University of Waterloo used Plyboo plywood veneer and flooring extensively throughout the school. Applications included Havana strand and edge grain amber plywood for wall systems. A first on this project was the use of Havana strand veneers in the construction of over 300 doors in this contemporary space. Havana strand flooring and custom stair treads featured prominently in the design.
The new science building at the University of Alaska at Anchorage featured an extensive “cloud” ceiling made of Plyboo edge grain amber plywood, floating over the astronomy department’s new planetarium drum. Pictured here is a full view of the massive drum. Plyboo edge grain amber plywood was also used for the benches underneath it!
Plyboo Natural flat grain flooring and Amber flat grain amber shelves and door frames make a welcome and fitting learning environment for the Sustainability Resource Center at the University of California, San Diego. Pictured here is a shot of one of the offices, now complete with Plyboo flat grain natural flooring and flat grain amber door frames.
It's not quite the Starship Enterprise, but the theater at Syracuse University’s Slocum Hall School of Architecture is equally out of this world.  Using Plyboo edge grain amber plywood, R.B. Woodcraft has fabricated what has to be the most stimulating classroom ever. Durable and dramatic, Plyboo amber edge grain plywood covers the walls and ceilings of the theater. The cut circles help with the acoustics while providing a decorative component to the building.
LEED Platinum is in the design for the new Huang Engineering Center at Stanford University. In this ambitious project, Plyboo strand and flat grain amber plywood were used. In addition to applications as stair tread platforms and under sheathing to the stair case, bamboo plywood was used for wall treatments and cabinetry. Formaldehyde-free and FSC were important as contributors to this LEED platinum project.
Plyboo edge grain natural plywood is the key design element in the King Dormitory at Amherst College in Massachusetts. The edge grain natural plywood was used throughout the project including the seating areas, workstations and cabinets in each dormitory room. Amherst is an early adopter of Plyboo bamboo plywood in an educational environment.


Partners desk mixes Plyboo Havana Strand, with a dark wax to protect the top surface, and Natural Edge Grain plywood to give this handsome desk real character. Harbor, its companion piece, utilizes the same Havana Strand and Natural Edge Grain exposing the cross core pattern along the edges for a unique look.
When looking for a beautiful, sustainable, and consistent material, wood artists Louise Hibbert and Douglas Finkel decided on Plyboo edge grain amber plywood to craft their Low Haeckel Cabinet. Copper line art over lovely panes of glass complete this cabinet’s elegant look. Shown here is a close-up of the copper and glass design--a harmonious match for amber edge grain!
Who wouldn’t want to rock out in this adorable rocking toy? “Kangaroo with Joey” is designed and constructed by Rocking Frog in Cary, NC, using Plyboo flat grain natural plywood and poplar dowels.
Brave Space Design in Brooklyn, NY uses Plyboo edge grain amber and natural plywood for their Third Round table-- great for keeping your things nearby but out of sight! Pictured here is a close-up of the beautifully eclectic mix of grain-patterns visible along the edges.
You might think that electronic readers would be the bane of the bookbinding industry, but DODOcase is proving otherwise. The San Francisco company is creating sturdy, colorful cases for laptops, iPads, electronic readers and cell phones using traditional bookbinding methods. A DODOcase fuses the best of both worlds. For example, a Kindle cloaked in a DODOcase provides the convenience of an electronic reader with the old-world feel of a traditional book.   Each DODOcase is handmade using as many local materials as possible. Plyboo, located in the same San Francisco neighborhood,... Read More
Designed and made by Olyver J. Nisch, Das Formbureau is made with Durapalm flat grain for the beautiful tabletop and Plyboo edge grain amber for the steady legs. Shown here is a close-up of the corner utilizing the unique cross core pattern the 3 ply Amber Edge Grain offers against the rich pattern of the Coconut palm grain.


UCSF MEDICAL CENTER in San Francisco, California is using the natural plywood panels for the lobby, providing the walls with a clean and natural appearance.  Additionally, natural plywood veneer was also choosen for the doors.   In this application, the size of the panels and the locations of reveals was carefully considered in the design phase.  Note that  the grain  runs the length of the panel and the core material runs perpendicular.  Keep this in mind in applications   where some of the panels are applied vertical and some horizontal.  Realize... Read More
Warmth and light where what HOK architects and the St.Joseph’s Regional Medical Center were looking for when they specified Plyboo amber flat grain bamboo plywood for this expansive reception and waiting area. Plyboo was used in both a horizontal and vertical direction to break up the long wall surfaces adding interest and intimacy to the space. The custom light fixtures fashioned from Plyboo bamboo veneer, emit an amber glow over the room as the center portion of the fixture provides the light.
Healthcare facilities are moving to a new philosophy of fostering wellness by providing a natural feeling environment to promote patient healing. To achieve this goal Plyboo edge grain amber was selected to create a warm, soothing element in the design. Plyboo was used extensively in the patient recovery rooms, waiting and reception areas as a wall treatment and for shelving and storage units. Durability, indoor air quality and sustainability were key factors in the selection of the material. FSC and Formaldehyde-free certification were also important contributors to this LEED Gold building...
Healthcare facilities are enbrancing an new archetectural philosphy, promoting a natural elements to the buldt environment, element that will foster wellness and healing. To achieve this goal, Plyboo edge grain amber was selected, creating a warm, soothing contemporary desgin. Plyboo material was used as wall dividers, partitions and accents in the patient reception and seating areas. FSC and formaldehyde-free certification materials were selected to promote air quality and sustainable forestry. The panels were pre-stained and finished with Class-B coatings to achieve both the look and the... Read More

Multi-Unit Residential

PlybooQuiet™ underlayment system paired with our new Stiletto click lock flooring makes loud visual statement while reducing inter floor noise by half. Earning a 60 IIC rating with a drop ceiling, PlybooQuiet solves noise abatement requirements. Our new Stiletto click lock flooring installs quickly and easily when floated over PlybooQuiet underlayment. Stiletto, our hardest floor available, holds a 3500 psi Janka Ball rating making it perfect for high wear residential or commercial applications. Strength, beauty and a full palette of colors is proving Stiletto our most... Read More
750 Second Street is just steps from world class restaurants, shopping & home of the San Francisco Giants. “We sought to relate the design of this contemporary residential building to the renovated historic warehouses which surround the site, carefully recalling the materials and details which give the South End Historic District its identity, while creating a fresh, sophisticated composition appropriate to life in 21st century San Francisco.” said Bob Baum of Gould Evans Architects. Stiletto Eclipse was chosen for its durability and matte sheen finish. The... Read More


The uniformity of ceiling, wall and floor brings warmth and consistency regardless of where the eye wanders. The consistent materials set off the other decorative accents interspersed throughout the house.
Rock Reach is one of the best examples of manufactured contemporary custom homes.  For the interior of this home, flat grain amber plywood was used in the cabinetry and wall systems in the living room, dining room, bath and bedrooms. The traditional grain and structure of flat-pressed bamboo offers warmth and contrast to the contemporary lines of this home. Rock Reach represents a long journey from the early days of prefab home construction.
Possibly the most imaginative design for a lobby entry is the One Jackson Square apartments in New York City. Manufactured of hundreds of plies of Plyboo, each panel was custom built and installed to create a sculpted, canyon effect. Wandering toward the elevator banks in the back, organic shaped shelves and seating areas appear along the undulating walls.
Now Your Cooking! This beautifully designed kitchen features Natural Flat Grain as the star for the cabinetry.
Designed with award-winning flair, Michael Bright, of Bright Wood Works, Inc. took cues from the existing space and delivered a solution with style and an eco-friendly edge. Using Smith & Fong® Durapalm® Edge Grain Coconut Palm, Designer Michael Bright creates a warm earthy appearance that supports the natural palette of materials selected for this project. Paired with Richlite countertops, the aesthetic is streamlined and contemporary. “It’s so easy for minimalism to become cold,” said Bright. “So we chose our materials carefully in order to counterbalance... Read More
In George Yu Architects’s addition to a Los Angeles house, coconut palm adorns the second-floor art gallery and the staircase. Coconut Edge Grain Palm flooring was cleverly utilized for the floor, stair backing, paneling and ceiling. This hallway shows how stunning continuous use open this small space and keep a warm, cozy feeling.
A popular application for kitchens, Plyboo material works well for cabinets and cabinet door applications. The Cipolla family chose both the amber edge and natural edge grain plywood to create shade contrast between the darker and lighter tones in the bamboo. By matching panels in the same color across doors and drawers, a monolith tone was achieved.
This Georgia-state home uses PlybooStrand Neopolitan flooring in a big, beautiful way, giving their decor that extra punch. The durability of our Neopolitan strand material can take the wear and tear of humans and canine alike which makes it a perfect solution in the high traffic area of this split level home.
This highly energy efficient and environmentally conscious private residence in Atlanta, GA, was designed and built by Concourse E, and uses Plyboo edge grain natural flooring as part of its creatively elegant design. The natural coloring of the floor pays a subtle complement to this beautifully lit living room and contrasting the dark cabinetry of the kitchen.


The warmth and beauty of Plyboo amber edge grain was chosen for this contemporary design, not only because of its good looks, but also for its green credentials. FSC bamboo plywood was used for the seating and tabletops as well as the counter tops and bar area. The fabricator utilized the single-ply bamboo plywood to create interesting edge decorative accents. The red brick pattern of the walls and the linearity of the bamboo edge grain played well together in this design.
In this remarkable design, the unique look of Plyboo end grain was employed. Plyboo is constructed of three plies of bamboo: the top and bottom face plies and a substantial cross-ply core structure. The core ply is composed of hundreds of smaller strips that are laminated together to create a strong, stable panel. With most hardwood plywood products the edge is typically banded to conceal the core. In contrast, Plyboo has celebrated its beauty and exposed core edges for years. Palm edge grain plywood was also used on the cabinetry and wine storage behind the bar.
Loft 610 Urban Restaurant & Lounge seeks to fill a dining and entertainment void for those who have left urban areas of major cities for the quality of life found in affluent suburbs such as Plano, Frisco and McKinney. Twomey asserts, “Moving to the suburbs does not mean that you lose your need for an upscale, urban vibe, but consumers often must settle for a less fulfilling option that is closer to home – we want to change that”. “We wanted the space to feel like an old brick warehouse that was repurposed into a modern restaurant”, says Twomey. They... Read More
BanQ gets its name from its location in the former Penny Savings Bank, which had been abandoned years earlier. The architects saw promise and a new life for this small, but sturdy structure. Customers enter through a double hung bronze door to an elegant full bar.  Beyond the bar is the dinning area, substantial in both size and design. Plyboo Neapolitan was used extensively on this project for the bar area, dining booths, seating and tabletops. Neapolitan flooring was also used to play against the wild ceiling structure.


PlybooFit™ underlayment system is fit for retail by employees fit for work. The PlybooFit system helps relieve leg fatigue by providing an under cushion of comfort. Our new Stiletto click lock flooring installs quickly and easily with the PlybooQuiet underlayment. Stiletto, our hardest floor available, holds a 3500 psi Janka Ball rating making it perfect for high wear residential or commercial applications. Strength, beauty and a full palette of colors is proving Stiletto to be our most versatile flooring yet.
This wonderful retail space is a celebration of the various looks of strand bamboo. Havana strand bamboo plywood clads the exterior as well as the face of the interior support columns. Inside the store, display areas, shelving and built-in cabinetry were fabricated with Plyboo Neopolitan strand plywood. Neopolitan strand flooring was also used to create a monolith tonal effect in the space. Finishing touches include lighting covered with custom end grain bamboo veneer.

Sport Flooring

PlybooFit™ underlayment system is a great fit for fitness centers, recreational centers and yoga studios. The 95% recycled underlayment padding helps with shock absorption lessening the impact on ankle, knee and hip joints. Our new Stiletto click lock flooring installs quickly and easily with the PlybooFit underlayment. Stiletto, our hardest floor available, holds a 3500 psi Janka Ball rating making it perfect for high wear fitness applications. Strength, beauty and a full palette of colors is proving Stiletto to be our most versatile flooring product yet.
Who wouldn’t get in shape on this beautiful installation of a PlybooSport floating floor sport court. It is rated for high sport performance, has a beautiful continuous color--much more so than maple or birch- and is easy to maintain. PlybooSport was also utilized in the fitness room with a PlybooFit™ sports underlayment system. PlybooFit helps alleviate friction stress that can prematurely tire active legs.
The City of Dallas Parks and Recreation chose PlybooSport for their Singing Hills Recreation center. The installation was so successful, they decided to install bamboo in their other six centers. “PlybooSport has a consistent, appealing visual (brighter than maple), its formaldehyde free content pushes forward our mission to promote healthier lifestyles within the community, and the rapidly renewable properties of bamboo are well-aligned with the [city’s] green initiatives.” says Stefan Kesler, Project Manager, City of Dallas. Three other centers are now... Read More
Novo Construction opted to build this wonderful basketball court in the middle of their office space in Menlo Park, California. The idea was to give employees a place to unwind and workout after business hours.
Who wouldn’t get in shape on this beautiful installation of a PlybooSport floating floor sport court. It is rated for high sport performance, has a beautiful continuous color--much more so than maple or birch and is easy to maintain. “The players love the cushion it gives when running and jumping. We haven’t lost many games on our home court! Maybe it’s because of the floor and not my coaching.”   -Coach Berry   Former Basketball Pro - Chicago Bulls