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This wonderful retail space is a celebration of the various looks of strand bamboo. Havana strand bamboo plywood clads the exterior as well as the face of the interior support columns. Inside the store, display areas, shelving and built-in cabinetry were fabricated with Plyboo Neopolitan strand plywood. Neopolitan strand flooring was also used to create a monolithic tonal effect in the space. Finishing touches include lighting covered with custom end grain bamboo veneer.

Los Vegas, NV
Marshall Retail Group
Havana Strand Plywood for Exterior Walls Neopolitian Plywood and Flooring for Fabrication Custom End Grain Veneer (lamp) (Schmitt Design)

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LEED Credits: 
Possible LEED Credits: IEQc4.4: Low Emitting Materials (plywood) IEQc4.3: Low Emitting Materials (flooring) MRc6: Rapidly Renewable Materials MRc7: Certified Wood CA Section 01350: Passed Other: No added urea formaldehyde