The warmth and beauty of Plyboo amber edge grain was chosen for this contemporary design, not only because of its good looks, but also for its green credentials. FSC bamboo plywood was used for the seating and tabletops as well as the counter tops and bar area. The fabricator utilized the single-ply bamboo plywood to create interesting edge decorative accents. The red brick pattern of the walls and the linearity of the bamboo edge grain played well together in this design.
In this remarkable design, the unique look of Plyboo end grain was employed. Plyboo is constructed of three plies of bamboo: the top and bottom face plies and a substantial cross-ply core structure. The core ply is composed of hundreds of smaller strips that are laminated together to create a strong, stable panel. With most hardwood plywood products the edge is typically banded to conceal the core. In contrast, Plyboo has celebrated its beauty and exposed core edges for years. Palm edge grain plywood was also used on the cabinetry and wine storage behind the bar.
Loft 610 Urban Restaurant & Lounge seeks to fill a dining and entertainment void for those who have left urban areas of major cities for the quality of life found in affluent suburbs such as Plano, Frisco and McKinney. Twomey asserts, “Moving to the suburbs does not mean that you lose your need for an upscale, urban vibe, but consumers often must settle for a less fulfilling option that is closer to home – we want to change that”. “We wanted the space to feel like an old brick warehouse that was repurposed into a modern restaurant”, says Twomey. They... Read More
BanQ gets its name from its location in the former Penny Savings Bank, which had been abandoned years earlier. The architects saw promise and a new life for this small, but sturdy structure. Customers enter through a double hung bronze door to an elegant full bar.  Beyond the bar is the dinning area, substantial in both size and design. Plyboo Neapolitan was used extensively on this project for the bar area, dining booths, seating and tabletops. Neapolitan flooring was also used to play against the wild ceiling structure.