Kitchen of the Year 2012


Designed with award-winning flair, Michael Bright, of Bright Wood Works Inc., took cues from the existing space and delivered a solution with style and an eco-friendly edge. Using Smith & Fong® DuraPalm® edge grain coconut palm, Bright creates a warm earthy appearance that supports the natural palette of materials selected for this project. Paired with Richlite countertops, the aesthetic is streamlined and contemporary. “It’s so easy for minimalism to become cold,” said Bright. “So we chose our materials carefully in order to counterbalance that.” Speaking of the coconut palm paneling, Bright remarks: “It’s one of those things that everyone wants to touch. They also all want to hear the story of where it comes from.”

St. Petersburg, Florida
Bright Wood Works Inc.

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LEED Credits: 
Possible LEED Credits: IEQc4.4: Low Emitting Materials CA Section 01350: Passed Other: No added urea formaldahyde