The uniformity of ceiling, wall and floor brings warmth and consistency regardless of where the eye wanders. The consistent materials set off the other decorative accents interspersed throughout the house.
Rock Reach is one of the best examples of manufactured contemporary custom homes.  For the interior of this home, flat grain amber plywood was used in the cabinetry and wall systems in the living room, dining room, bath and bedrooms. The traditional grain and structure of flat-pressed bamboo offers warmth and contrast to the contemporary lines of this home. Rock Reach represents a long journey from the early days of prefab home construction.
Possibly the most imaginative design for a lobby entry is the One Jackson Square apartments in New York City. Manufactured of hundreds of plies of Plyboo, each panel was custom built and installed to create a sculpted, canyon effect. Wandering toward the elevator banks in the back, organic shaped shelves and seating areas appear along the undulating walls.
Now Your Cooking! This beautifully designed kitchen features Natural Flat Grain as the star for the cabinetry.
Designed with award-winning flair, Michael Bright, of Bright Wood Works, Inc. took cues from the existing space and delivered a solution with style and an eco-friendly edge. Using Smith & Fong® Durapalm® Edge Grain Coconut Palm, Designer Michael Bright creates a warm earthy appearance that supports the natural palette of materials selected for this project. Paired with Richlite countertops, the aesthetic is streamlined and contemporary. “It’s so easy for minimalism to become cold,” said Bright. “So we chose our materials carefully in order to counterbalance... Read More
In George Yu Architects’s addition to a Los Angeles house, coconut palm adorns the second-floor art gallery and the staircase. Coconut Edge Grain Palm flooring was cleverly utilized for the floor, stair backing, paneling and ceiling. This hallway shows how stunning continuous use open this small space and keep a warm, cozy feeling.
A popular application for kitchens, Plyboo material works well for cabinets and cabinet door applications. The Cipolla family chose both the amber edge and natural edge grain plywood to create shade contrast between the darker and lighter tones in the bamboo. By matching panels in the same color across doors and drawers, a monolith tone was achieved.
This Georgia-state home uses PlybooStrand Neopolitan flooring in a big, beautiful way, giving their decor that extra punch. The durability of our Neopolitan strand material can take the wear and tear of humans and canine alike which makes it a perfect solution in the high traffic area of this split level home.
This highly energy efficient and environmentally conscious private residence in Atlanta, GA, was designed and built by Concourse E, and uses Plyboo edge grain natural flooring as part of its creatively elegant design. The natural coloring of the floor pays a subtle complement to this beautifully lit living room and contrasting the dark cabinetry of the kitchen.