UCSF MEDICAL CENTER in San Francisco, California is using the natural plywood panels for the lobby, providing the walls with a clean and natural appearance.  Additionally, natural plywood veneer was also choosen for the doors.   In this application, the size of the panels and the locations of reveals was carefully considered in the design phase.  Note that  the grain  runs the length of the panel and the core material runs perpendicular.  Keep this in mind in applications   where some of the panels are applied vertical and some horizontal.  Realize... Read More
Warmth and light where what HOK architects and the St.Joseph’s Regional Medical Center were looking for when they specified Plyboo amber flat grain bamboo plywood for this expansive reception and waiting area. Plyboo was used in both a horizontal and vertical direction to break up the long wall surfaces adding interest and intimacy to the space. The custom light fixtures fashioned from Plyboo bamboo veneer, emit an amber glow over the room as the center portion of the fixture provides the light.
Healthcare facilities are moving to a new philosophy of fostering wellness by providing a natural feeling environment to promote patient healing. To achieve this goal Plyboo edge grain amber was selected to create a warm, soothing element in the design. Plyboo was used extensively in the patient recovery rooms, waiting and reception areas as a wall treatment and for shelving and storage units. Durability, indoor air quality and sustainability were key factors in the selection of the material. FSC and Formaldehyde-free certification were also important contributors to this LEED Gold building...
Healthcare facilities are enbrancing an new archetectural philosphy, promoting a natural elements to the buldt environment, element that will foster wellness and healing. To achieve this goal, Plyboo edge grain amber was selected, creating a warm, soothing contemporary desgin. Plyboo material was used as wall dividers, partitions and accents in the patient reception and seating areas. FSC and formaldehyde-free certification materials were selected to promote air quality and sustainable forestry. The panels were pre-stained and finished with Class-B coatings to achieve both the look and the... Read More