Partners desk mixes Plyboo Havana Strand, with a dark wax to protect the top surface, and Natural Edge Grain plywood to give this handsome desk real character. Harbor, its companion piece, utilizes the same Havana Strand and Natural Edge Grain exposing the cross core pattern along the edges for a unique look.
When looking for a beautiful, sustainable, and consistent material, wood artists Louise Hibbert and Douglas Finkel decided on Plyboo edge grain amber plywood to craft their Low Haeckel Cabinet. Copper line art over lovely panes of glass complete this cabinet’s elegant look. Shown here is a close-up of the copper and glass design--a harmonious match for amber edge grain!
Who wouldn’t want to rock out in this adorable rocking toy? “Kangaroo with Joey” is designed and constructed by Rocking Frog in Cary, NC, using Plyboo flat grain natural plywood and poplar dowels.
Brave Space Design in Brooklyn, NY uses Plyboo edge grain amber and natural plywood for their Third Round table-- great for keeping your things nearby but out of sight! Pictured here is a close-up of the beautifully eclectic mix of grain-patterns visible along the edges.
You might think that electronic readers would be the bane of the bookbinding industry, but DODOcase is proving otherwise. The San Francisco company is creating sturdy, colorful cases for laptops, iPads, electronic readers and cell phones using traditional bookbinding methods. A DODOcase fuses the best of both worlds. For example, a Kindle cloaked in a DODOcase provides the convenience of an electronic reader with the old-world feel of a traditional book.   Each DODOcase is handmade using as many local materials as possible. Plyboo, located in the same San Francisco neighborhood,... Read More
Designed and made by Olyver J. Nisch, Das Formbureau is made with Durapalm flat grain for the beautiful tabletop and Plyboo edge grain amber for the steady legs. Shown here is a close-up of the corner utilizing the unique cross core pattern the 3 ply Amber Edge Grain offers against the rich pattern of the Coconut palm grain.