Recently completed, University of Waterloo used Plyboo plywood veneer and flooring extensively throughout the school. Applications included Havana strand and edge grain amber plywood for wall systems. A first on this project was the use of Havana strand veneers in the construction of over 300 doors in this contemporary space. Havana strand flooring and custom stair treads featured prominently in the design.
The new science building at the University of Alaska at Anchorage featured an extensive “cloud” ceiling made of Plyboo edge grain amber plywood, floating over the astronomy department’s new planetarium drum. Pictured here is a full view of the massive drum. Plyboo edge grain amber plywood was also used for the benches underneath it!
Plyboo Natural flat grain flooring and Amber flat grain amber shelves and door frames make a welcome and fitting learning environment for the Sustainability Resource Center at the University of California, San Diego. Pictured here is a shot of one of the offices, now complete with Plyboo flat grain natural flooring and flat grain amber door frames.
It's not quite the Starship Enterprise, but the theater at Syracuse University’s Slocum Hall School of Architecture is equally out of this world.  Using Plyboo edge grain amber plywood, R.B. Woodcraft has fabricated what has to be the most stimulating classroom ever. Durable and dramatic, Plyboo amber edge grain plywood covers the walls and ceilings of the theater. The cut circles help with the acoustics while providing a decorative component to the building.
LEED Platinum is in the design for the new Huang Engineering Center at Stanford University. In this ambitious project, Plyboo strand and flat grain amber plywood were used. In addition to applications as stair tread platforms and under sheathing to the stair case, bamboo plywood was used for wall treatments and cabinetry. Formaldehyde-free and FSC were important as contributors to this LEED platinum project.
Plyboo edge grain natural plywood is the key design element in the King Dormitory at Amherst College in Massachusetts. The edge grain natural plywood was used throughout the project including the seating areas, workstations and cabinets in each dormitory room. Amherst is an early adopter of Plyboo bamboo plywood in an educational environment.