Why Are Strand Bamboo Floors So Thin?

November 3, 2011 in Bamboo Flooring

PlybooStrand is not only the brand’s hardest bamboo floor (3 times as strong as oak!), but is it’s thinnest floor offering at 3/8” and 9/16” compared to the standard Plyboo flooring product at 5/8”.

Strand bamboo flooring is a composite floor, using  great compression and tremendous force to mold and sharp both the look and the durable quality of the product. This allows  the flooring  to be manufactured at a thinner thickness while still retaining it’s great density and hardness. PlybooStrand bamboo flooring has been very popular and its strength and beauty are the reasons.

Thinner thicknesses also have other benefits for both residential and commercial spaces.  For residential environments where ceiling heights are limited or door heights have been adjusted for thinner flooring products the 3/8″ can save ceiling heights and possibly eliminate the need to adjust doors to accommodate a thicker flooring product. For commercial spaces a thinner floor is idea for pairing up with other thin flooring surfaces such as tile, carpet or vinyl. This can minimize or eliminate the need for transition strips between flooring products and make the installation go much more smoothly.  Along with PlybooStrand’s superior durability  and easy glue-down characteristics, the PlybooStrand product at 3/8″ is idea for commercial uses.

The PlybooStrand 9/16″ flooring is great where a thicker flooring is desired and where a nail down application is appropriate. Whether for commercial or residential this product will be there for the long term. As Smith & Fong continues to advance strand bamboo technology and explore applications, you can be sure to see new and exciting additions to the PlybooStrand flooring line.

Image: Danilo Rizzuti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net