How to Use a Bamboo Reducer

June 10, 2011 in Bamboo Flooring Trim and Accessories Tutorial

Congratulations! You’ve installed your new Plyboo bamboo floor.  But how will you transition between the vinyl floor in the kitchen and the bamboo floor in your dining room?

With a reducer!

A reducer offers a clean transition to a different type of flooring.  A standard reducer, which is sometimes called a flush reducer or a one sided reducer, is usually used to transition the floor to ceramic, some other type of tile, or ceramic floor. Occasional cosmetic uses, however, can include improving the look of a floor that would but into a fireplace or like fixture.

Pictured above, Durapalm reducer in coconut palm.

In addition to standard reducers, Smith&Fong Co. offers several other types of trim to suit your needs. For example, if the floor needs to transition to a lower floor, try our overlap threshold.