The Concordance Workstation

August 16, 2010 in Guest writer

by guest writer Rob Grimm, with Tork Design

As an environmentally smart company, Tork Design is very concerned with the amount of waste we generate. We look to find ways to maximize the size of our raw materials by making this directly proportionate to the size of our finished pieces. For example, our Concordance workstation is made from two 4’ x 8’ sheets of Plyboo with the only waste being the cut lines of the saw blade. Saw dust as the only lost material means that we have no piles of scrap lying about our plant and our impact on the environment is negligible.

The Concordance comfortably fits up to four computers and eight monitors within its confines. On the surface are five access grommets to a hidden central cavity. All power and data cables are condensed, fed through one leg and channeled to all areas of the table through this central cavity. Below the surface are eight storage shelves, providing plenty of space for each person to keep their belongings organized. Whether this piece is used as a conference table or a workstation, its large surface and collaborative nature brings people together and makes for a more productive work place.

While we have used a variety of woods, nothing we have found equals the quality and consistency of Plyboo. The fact that Smith & Fong completely controls every aspect of their product from growth in the fields to harvesting the poles and all stages of manufacturing, gives us great confidence in the reliability of the material. There is always a concern with bamboo products that proper drying times and manufacturing processes have not been followed. We have great confidence that our products will last for generations based on the quality of materials we select for each piece.

Our clients have varying tastes and as a result our furniture needs to achieve the look they desire. The fact that we have a variety of colors and styles available in Plyboo means that we create a piece to complement any décor. For example, the light tones found in flat grain will fit many modern looks, while the use of a darker material like strand will give many clients the feel of mahogany. For us, this range of color choice means that there is no need to stain or change the color of the material. Less chemistry into the wood means less off-gassing and therefore a healthier work or living environment. The absence of stains combined with low VOCs and formaldehyde-free materials mean that indoor air quality is positively impacted. This is a big time saver as well. Using less chemistry on the wood means we can produce our pieces in less time and saves significant labor costs.

At the centerpiece of our designs lies our commitment to be environmentally smart. The materials used to create our pieces must be rapid renewable, recycled or recyclable. As a result, all of our furniture is constructed from glass, steel and bamboo. The combination of these three materials gives our furniture clean lines that are both modern and classic. Since creating generational furniture is paramount to our company, both the design and materials chosen must be able to go the distance.

Therefore, another feature that we look for in choosing materials is durability. The old cliché, “rock solid” is an appropriate label here as we mainly work with bamboo, glass and steel. The method by which the Plyboo materials are manufactured produces an incredibly strong and durable surface. This strength saves us on production hours as well with clean cuts and little need for sanding. The time saved in the manufacturing process has a direct and positive impact upon on our costs of doing business.

Tork Design is the creative mix of a commercial photographer and industrial designer who have come together to design and manufacture environmentally savvy furniture. Their goal is to create clean lined, functional pieces that keep people organized and productive in the modern day office. Visit their website here.