FSC-certified PlybooStrand plywood and flooring will make its debut at Greenbuild 2010

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An interior material popular among architects and designers for its incredible beauty,  durability and compatibility for commercial installations, PlybooStrand flooring and plywood is now available FSC-certified and will be officially launched at Greenbuild 2010 this month in Chicago.

“Strand bamboo has long been popular with the architecture and design community for its performance, aesthetic and environmental qualities,” according to Smith & Fong’s president and founder, Dan Smith. “Adding FSC certification enables architects and designers to potentially capture even more points with an already LEED-rich product.”

Strand bamboo is different from conventional bamboo products, both visually and structurally: flooring planks and panels are manufactured through a process in which bamboo strips are compacted into a super-dense block. The composite material is then milled into planks and panels. No urea-formaldehyde is used in the production process. Its average hardness rating is 3,000 lbf—more than twice that of red oak—making the flooring ideal for high-traffic and commercial installations.

PlybooStrand varies in aesthetic from a traditional hardwood flooring to an exotic feel like Smith & Fong’s popular Neopolitan product, which brings to mind zebrawood.

The company is offering PlybooStrand panels in 3/16” x 30” x 72” single-ply and ½” and ¾” in a 4’ x 6’ three-ply construction. The flooring is available in the same styles in 3/8” and 9/16” thicknesses.

FSC PlybooStrand plywood and flooring are both PlybooPure urea formaldehyde-free. The plywood is certified Indoor Advantage Gold® and the flooring is FloorScore®-certified.

Potential LEED-credit contributions:

MRc6: Rapidly Renewable Materials
MRc7: Certified Wood
IEQc4.3: Flooring Systems
IEQc4.4: Low Emitting Materials (No Added Urea Formaldehyde)

Green building products popular for college construction projects

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Perhaps nowhere else has the green-building movement achieved more traction than in institutional construction projects on university campuses. According to green-building consultant Jerry Yudelson, principal of Yudelson Associates and author of 12 green-building books, U.S. campuses now account for about 15 percent of the total LEED projects in the country.

Architects working in the institutional segment are on the lookout for sustainable, environmentally healthy building products, and bamboo fits the bill in many ways. It’s not only rapidly renewable; Smith & Fong’s
UCSFmedicallibrary Plyboo bamboo and palm plywood and flooring products are urea formaldehyde-free and meet both CARB Phase II and LEED IEQc4.4. indoor air quality standards. And Smith & Fong obtained the very first non-wood FSC-certification on the planet for its bamboo resource and manufacturing operations.

“With some of the brightest minds in the sustainability movement studying and teaching at North American universities, it’s no wonder the facilities are being designed with that in mind,” Smith & Fong president and founder Dan Smith said. Aside from prominent installations at Yale, UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco and Syracuse University, the company has seen recent projects using Plyboo and/or Durapalm products at Amherst College, University of Oregon and Vanderbilt as well.

New Plyboo FSC-certified veneer products

July 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

Wall veneer Smith & Fong is pleased to announce that, going forward, all of the company’s 0.6mm 4’x8’ Plyboo flat-grain and edge-grain bamboo veneers will be FSC-certified. In addition, Smith & Fong will soon be offering 0.6mm FSC edge-grain veneers in 4×10’ sheets.

Sideways FSC-certified, engineered hardwood flooring

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Since the company’s inception in 1989, Smith & Fong’s name has been closely associated with bamboo products. Plyboo® was the first branded bamboo flooring introduced to the North American market, in 1993. The company followed with Plyboo plywood in 1996. In an exotic twist, Smith & Fong developed and commercialized Durapalm® coconut-palm plywood and flooring in 2001.

SidewaysSereneCherry From a manufacturer primarily known for innovation and modern, sustainable design, the addition of an age-old product category like hardwood flooring to its range would seem unlikely. But Sideways, Smith & Fong’s new engineered hardwood flooring line, fits beautifully alongside Plyboo and Durapalm in the company’s stable of green, design-rich products. Sideways is FSC-certified and urea formaldehyde-free, contributing to both LEED MRc7 and IEQc4.3, and its striking “sideways” grain pattern makes it ideal for many modern design environments, both commercial and residential.