Sideways FSC-certified, engineered hardwood flooring

July 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

Since the company’s inception in 1989, Smith & Fong’s name has been closely associated with bamboo products. Plyboo® was the first branded bamboo flooring introduced to the North American market, in 1993. The company followed with Plyboo plywood in 1996. In an exotic twist, Smith & Fong developed and commercialized Durapalm® coconut-palm plywood and flooring in 2001.

SidewaysSereneCherry From a manufacturer primarily known for innovation and modern, sustainable design, the addition of an age-old product category like hardwood flooring to its range would seem unlikely. But Sideways, Smith & Fong’s new engineered hardwood flooring line, fits beautifully alongside Plyboo and Durapalm in the company’s stable of green, design-rich products. Sideways is FSC-certified and urea formaldehyde-free, contributing to both LEED MRc7 and IEQc4.3, and its striking “sideways” grain pattern makes it ideal for many modern design environments, both commercial and residential.