Low-emitting or formaldehyde-free?

August 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

As the public and professional debate on indoor air quality goes on, building products are given adjectives like “low-emitting” or “urea formaldehyde-free” or “CARB-compliant.” It can be very confusing.

Smith & Fong prefers the term “formaldehyde-free,” and most of our products meet this standard.  That means no formaldehyde of any kind. The few that aren’t entirely formaldehyde-free incorporate phenol-formaldehyde (not urea) in their adhesive systems, but these products—as well as all Smith & Fong Plyboo, Durapalm and Sideways lines—are noemitting. There’s no mistaking that.

All of Smith & Fong’s sheet-good products and most of our flooring products have passed California’s Section 01350 protocol, the most stringent standards on the planet, testing for 78 known VOCs found in composite wood products.  The USGBC recognizes 01350 as meeting or exceeding requirements for LEED credits  EQc4.3 and EQc4.4.

Smith & Fong is committed to a healthy indoor environment and to meeting or exceeding all current standards.